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Home Page including the Mission Statement My name is Ernest Roberts and this is my FIRST Website. The purpose of this Website is to help anyone find information and/or resources, preferably FREE, to provide pages grouping websites with similar themes and purposes. That said, you'll notice that there are not many bells and whistles to slow down your computer, and certainly no ads, because I HATE ADS, TOO.
General - links to generally useful places of varying categories Arts Books Consumer Living Media Medical Misc Mystic Networks Newspaper Science Search Specialty Shopping Spirit Sports Transit Vacation Video Weather Websites WorldNews The General Lynx page contains various interest links for frequently performed web actvities.
AfroCentral - links with the Aframican and African focus Arts Business Biography Community Culture Education Entertain Events Fashion History Issues Law Media Music Places Politics Quizzes Shopping Slavery Spiritual Technology Travel The African/American page contains MANY African American links broken down into many categories. If you're interested in a specific topic or issue or historical or cultural fact or pursuit, I believe you'll find something on this page. If you know of something that should be on this page, please send me the link.
Employment - links with the focus on Employment Assistance Career Assist Search Firms Search Sites Job Websites Gov't Assist Networks Specialty Upper Crust Classifieds Coffee Break The Employment and Career Assistance Lynx page contains various interest links for finding a job, finding someone to help find a job, getting career assistance from a service and/or the government. Please avail yourself of everything you need on this page. Please forward to anyone you think might benefit from it. I built it as I sought employment and it was most helpful. Please forward me any link(s) you find that you think might be helpful. [Special thanx to cousin (adopted) Vinnie.] An idle mind is......., the best way to relax! ==Vinny 2001==
Scholarship Information - Links to Scholarship Information Search Financial Aid Calc Training Scholarships Pass this scholarship information on to anyone and everyone that comes to mind. AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS ARE NOT APPLYING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS! PARENTS, HEADS UP! No one is going to knock on our doors and ask if we can use a scholarship. Take the initiative to get your children involved. There is no need for money to be returned to donating companies because we fail to apply for it. Please pass this information on to family members, nieces, nephews, friends with children etc. We must get the word out that money is available. If you are a college student or getting ready to become one, you probably already know how useful additional money can be. Pass this info on Please! Our youth really could use these scholarships. --- Thanks, BKL
Automobiles - links with the focus on Automobiles AutoNews AutoMags Clubs Consumer Government Maps/Traffic/Cams Rentals RoadMaps Supplies Auto Makers The Automobile Lynx and More! page contains various interest links for buying, renting, customizing or just researching Automobiles and Related Information. Please avail yourself of the veritable plethora of automobile information sources. If you love cars like I do, I believe you'll like this page.
Computers and Related - links which focus on Computers and Related Information Books Downloads Education Freebies Hardware History IBM Magazines OEM Sales Software Security Support Virus/Hoax WebMaster The Computers and Information Technology Lynx page contains various interest links for relating to the Computer. Listed here are various categories from purchasing to programming. This site was built with things I found for free at some of the sites listed on this page.
Electronics - links with the focus on Home Entertainment via Electronics AUDIOMAKERS AUDIOREVUE The Music Page BUYING Music SHARING Music Music VENUES MUSIC Club MYCatalog.XLS The Audio/Video Electronics Lynx page is for audio enthusiasts like me. It is useful for shopping and general Audio information. Some of the links provide product reviews as well. If you are an audiophile like me, drop a note about any missing link (aarrgghh!!! bad pun!). See the Music page for something to play!
For the Young - links with the focus for younger people BICYCLING EDUCATIONAL FUN LINX PLACES 2 GO SCIENCE! SCOUTS TOYZnSTUFF The For the Young and Young-At-Heart Lynx page IS for the young and young at heart. Enjoy yourself. Send me all the links you know of that are not here. I know there are many, many more.
Amusements - links with the focus on HUMOR and Laughters No Sub-Topics The AMUSEMENTS and HUMOR Lynx page contains various links for Amusements. Enjoy yourself. If you find or know of any links you feel should be on this page, please send them to me. Thanx!
Government + Related - links with the focus on Government, Information and Resources and Politics and Opinion Consumer DuhPrez Gov-USA Gov-NYC Gov-NYS LegalAid News Opinion Polls Radio Video Vote War Satire 9/11/2001 The Government, Law, Politics, Satire and Assistance page contains various interest links related to The Public Sector, Government and Politics.
Music Sources - links with the focus on Pre-recorded Music BUYING Music SHARING Music Music VENUES MUSIC Club MYCatalog.XLS ELECTRONICS AUDIOMAKERS AUDIOREVUE The Music Source Lynx page contains various MUSIC links. Enjoy! and if you know of any more music links, please send them to me. While you're at it, check out the Audio page for music reproduction apparatus.
VIRUS/HOAX and Web/Urban Legend info VIRUS ALERTS eMAIL HOAXES The Computer Virus and Internet/Email Hoax Checkout page contains various links for checking up on Viruses and Internet/Email Hoaxes. Find out if your friends are infected or if they are flat out lying to you or maybe just pulling your leg. But maybe they're just unwitting victims...

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